What do you need to have a great cafe racer?

What do you need to have a great cafe racer?

We know that the world of motorcycles is passionate. Only those who own a motorcycle understand what true love is all about. You know very well that racing on two wheels is more than just a good helmet or custom parts. Motorcycles have their own language. Only those who truly love their iron horse understand this language. If you have a cafe racer and want to make sure it’s the best, you need to make sure you get quality.

Comfort on two wheels

The first thing you need to be clear about is that you are looking for comfort. If you want to spend hours and hours on your cafe racer you must feel comfortable. A good seat is a vital part of your motorcycle. It will give your body a feeling of stability. The most common is leather. Another important part is the suspension. Many riders are unaware of the importance of a good suspension on a cafe racer. This part prevents you from feeling all the irregularities of the road. It also reduces chassis vibrations and prevents damage to other parts such as the engine.

Check your cafe racer’s lighting and indicators

Two very important parts of your cafe racer are lighting and electrics. Let’s start with the dashboard. You must make sure that your dashboard is 100% functional. You must check that the indicators on your dashboard are working optimally. A bad indication can bring you more than one headache on the road. Another important aspect is your headlights and taillights. It doesn’t matter if you use your cafe racer at night or not. You can be fined and even have your license suspended. It is important to have your headlights, taillights and turn signals checked every time you leave your garage.

Don’t forget about electrics

Your cafe racer needs two things to run: gasoline and electricity. If you already have a full tank of gas, it’s time to check that the electricity is getting to where it needs to be. The battery is the first thing to check. It is important to verify that your battery holds a charge. If your motorcycle starts to have trouble starting, the battery could be the cause of the problem. The relays are another critical part. If you notice an electrical fault, check the relays. Don’t forget to check the fuses either.

Your fully personal cafe racer

It’s your iron horse. Personalize it your way. For your cafe racer to be complete, it must look like you. Have your style. For that, the motorcycle market offers you a wide variety of customization kits. Fairing kits, windscreens, skidplates, DB killers, handlebars, tanks, emblems, pads, muffles are just the beginning. Don’t forget the color. You will be able to choose between colors or designs. The choice is yours. The important thing is that your motorcycle represents you. Wherever you go, your bike will go with you. Prepare it to your liking and add miles of good memories.


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