Sewing & DIY blog for Custom clothing labels

Have you designed your own clothing line and are now in the final stages of that project? Are you thinking about how to add custom clothing labels to your products? Then read our sewing & DIY blog to make your clothing labels as personal as possible.

Make your own clothing labels

Would you like to make your own clothing labels for your products? Then you can read a DIY blog by Pretty Handy Girl. This will give you inspiration and tips and tricks for sewing. Melissa Urban also has her own sewing & DIY blog where you can get inspiration for your labels.

The usefulness of clothing labels

Labels are important to both the customer and the manufacturer. The customer is informed by clothing labels, for example, about the product type, size and washing instructions. In addition, labels are important for the manufacturer because it will increase brand awareness.

Order custom clothing labels online

Of course, you can also use custom clothing labels for your clothing line without sewing yourself or without a sewing & DIY blog. At Super Label Store it is possible to design your own clothing labels. You can think of the size and design and we will work for you to produce your custom clothing labels.

You have a choice of different types of labels. For example, woven labels, hang labels and care labels. If you have specific wishes regarding the type of label, we can always look at the possibilities together.

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